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D & B Machine is constantly striving to improve our inspection capabilities, efficiency and accuracy which bottom line, saves us money—saves you money. All inspection equipment is routinely calibrated and certified.

Some of the latest updates and additions are:

Keyence IM-7001 Image Dimension Measurement System - New 2017

IM-7000 series image dimension measurement system, with newly developed high-speed and high-precision stage, offers a measurement field of view that is 200mm × 200mm (7.87" × 7.87"). Press the button and in 3 seconds users receive 99 measurements on up to 100 parts with an OK/NG judgment, significantly reducing quality inspection time. The IM automatically records and saves results as the measurement is performed.

Zeiss DuraMax CMM Gage. Size 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

A direct computer control measurement station that can automatically inspect parts up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm. Our CMM operates with Zeiss’s Calypso software that allows us to import a solid model of the part and then inspect the part to the solid model.

Measurlink SPC Real Time Software

The Measurelink SPC Real Time Software with 8-port inspection gauge interface logs inspection readings completed by operators and inspectors for a specific part. Measurelink statistically detects and graphs part variations and trends.

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