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cogsPrecision Machining

Precision matching of components from many materials, typically stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloys, plastics and other non-ferrous materials.

"Lights Out" Manufacturing

D & B Machine uses automated parts loaders, automatic tool changers and and computer controls that allow machine tools to operate around the clock, at times totally unattended. Operating two shifts D & B's skilled machinists each monitor from one to four machines and chart to accuracy parts being produced using SPC.


Through Kanban Scheduling System services, D & B Machine manufactures and inventories components for clients as needed for final assembly. Components are produced in batches at D & B Machine to amortize client machining setup costs and sequenced by part to minimize the number of client tool changes. By monitoring client demand, D & B Machine determines what products in what quantities need to be machined and prepared for delivery. D & B Machine maintains secure, climate-controlled warehousing space at its Florida facility to inventory parts for its Kanban clients.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

D & B Machine is certified to manufacture (Mil.) components for military and civilian equipment.


Quality Assurance & Testing

D & B Machine routinely upgrades its inspection capabilities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the quality assurance process. Our complete line of inspection equipment is calibrated and certified.


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